All life is honored through service and education in the spirit of co-creation and manifestation; Generating autonomy and sovereignty in commUnity. We are here to assist to Transmute the old His-story into Heaven on Earth; where all life is honored, accepted, and surrendered to. We connect and collaborate to the spirits of the land and develop symbiotic relations with all life.


Wo-Man-I-Fest is a collective of teachers, artists, inspired visionaries and entrepreneurs who empower others to step into their highest potential. It is an intentional container to honor, restore, and harmonize the divine feminine (WO) and divine masculine (MAN) apart with the supreme consciousness (I) to co-create and manifest our dreams of a more beautiful world. We support authentic connection, intimacy, inclusivity and love.
This is a restorative festival centered around the ancient teaching of womb mysteries, the art of embodying sovereignty within symbiotic relationship, and creative empowerment….All delivered in a playful interactive way.
Enjoy fresh, organic delicious food in an outdoor community kitchen, coming together celebrating life, the arts, storytelling, sharing wisdom, and assisting each other to bring heaven to earth.

We travel the world and give back to the land by putting together this gathering or hosting this theme camp within a larger festival

We practice the art of giving and receiving through the gift economy based on gratitude and reciprocity, like the berry bushes. https://emergencemagazine.org/essay/the-serviceberry/

Location, Dates, & Times


Friday, July 15 – Monday, July 18, 2022, @ Bear and Bunny Farm, Sasquatch Country, Deer Island, Oregon

Gates open at 3:33 pm on Friday, July 15
~ Opening Ceremony at 7:07pm on Friday, July 15
~ Closing Ceremony at 4:44 pm on Monday, July 18

Waiver and Agreements

By sending my registration payment through Venmo: @WoManIFest , I hereby acknowledge taking responsibility for myself and the items and children I may bring.

  • Consent: If its not a fun yes its a funk no!
  • I agree to show up sober and remain sober
  • I agree to leave the place better than I find it; Pack it in, pack it out
  • To be my wild authentic self and respect and honor others in their wild authentic selfhood

Read more about Agreements we honor at Womanifest:
~ See Co-Creator Agreements

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