Declaration of Interdependence

Federation of Sovereign Communities

A Vision for Humanity

The Federation of Sovereign Communities is a network of interdependent communities. We come together to bridge ideological and geographic gaps to provide a decentralized structure of compassionate support. This enables us to usher in equality, abundance, joy, and compassion for all people and communities regardless of political or faith based differences, geographic separation, or any other divisions that are prevalent within our society.

When we follow our deepest hearts longing, individually and collectively, we tap into an embodiment of enormous beauty and power. We recognize the sacred humanity we all share, and remain in tune with the wisdom of our hearts with integrity, compassion, understanding, wisdom, and love. We aim to build upon the foundations of compassionate co-existence, equal co-operation, and respectful communication.

Compassionate Co-existence

We recognize that, as humans, we might have differing views when it comes to ideology, faith, and direction. That is why we emphasize compassionate co-existence especially when dealing with a collective of differing communities and people of varying perspectives. Compassionate co-existence entails honoring other peoples perspectives, beliefs, and worldviews while maintaining compassion for their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Compassionately co-existing together brings forth abundance. Everyone looking out for the well being of all parties, creates a win-win situation full of prosperity and health for every soverign being and community involved.

Equal Co-operation

We aim to provide a structure of community support that is not reliant upon any external or unstable societal systems as we recognize that the global social fabric and societal web is at a critical and unstable point. That is why it is crucial that we work together in equality and put the power in our own hands as a community. To maintain integrity as an organization we wish to provide a decentralized, leaderless organization where everyone contributes equally with work and play. Everyone is equal in their contribution and their word. Always doing our best with what is in alignment with our authentic gifts, skills and inspiration.

Respectful Communication

We have two ears and one mouth. In order to flow smoothly as a community it is important that we give everyone space to be themselves and to practice engaged presence in every interaction. We give others room to speak their truths and respect their space, boundaries, and word. Everyone has a unique perspective and wisdom. Authentic presence, engaged listening, compassionate humility and respectful communication are key. No one knows everything about the world, we learn a lot more if we listen more than we speak. 

Our goal is to put the power back in our own hands and invest in local communities all around the world. We have the power to create our own systems and structures.

Our  intention is to start small, taking small steps, to gather the tribe of aligned people to form the beginning of this new federation to establish a 501c3 non profit organization. 

FSC raises money through hosting events, philanthropic endeavors, cottage industries, and other revenue streams to invest back into communities. We wish to come together with sustainable communities, farms, artists, and other organizations all over the world to provide a system of trade, barter, and compassionate support so we no longer have to rely upon mega-corporations for our prosperity as humanity. 

Our aim is to celebrate the beauty of life and the coming together of beautiful people in community through authentic, intentional, and engaged presence. We intend on putting together quarter festivals at different locations and communities throughout the world to bridge gaps and plant roots while having fun and celebrating life. “Come to a festival, leave an orchard” is our motto. Our workshops include topics and hands on experience with sustainability, communication and permaculture. 

All communities and members of federation have access to the support and resources of FSC. 

We have an outreach and network of support spanning across the world for trade and community.


  1. Wishlist: website, social media outreach, pamphlets, posters and artist collectives of painters, writers, jewelry makers, chefs, yogis, musicians, cultural creatives, visionaries, etc. to help out our cause. 
  2. We are currently reaching out to  festival organizers, yoga studios, ecstatic dances, communities, and farms across the world to be a part of the cause. If you would like more information, or have a venue or community, and would like to co-create with us please email