Why come to Womanifest?

We will have all the amazingness of our last event with a Moon Lodge, Sun Lodge, Song Circles and Jams, Ecstatic Dance, Sound Baths, Art, Yoga, Three Delish High Vibe Community Meals, AND…

An Opening Ceremony Tree Planting, Pizza oven building, Mural painting on a barn, Permaculture and strawberry harvest,…

Choose a Theme Camp if you like….
Connect with your EarthTribe and StarseedHomies to Manifest Music, Magic & So Much More!
~ Woh-Manna-Fest Cafe & Culinary Arts Camp
~ Songwriter Storyteller Camp
~ Movement & Theatre Camp
~ Visual Arts & Film Camp

~ Builders & Visionary’s Camp

Powerfully align your life with your highest sense of mission and purpose, and
Wo-Manifest your most beautiful Dreams through EnVision Sharing CoLab, and Embodied Communication Playshops.

What do we use your financial contribution for?

We want everyone to be able to participate and co-create at Wo-Man-I-Fest, not just those who can afford it. Your contribution allows us to co-create this magical experience

After all expenses (food, infrastructure, supplies, etc) are deducted and volunteer deposits reimbursed:

10% goes back to the land and a local non-profit

40% are reinvested into womanifest

50% will be dispersed equally to the core members

Scan our QR code or click the link below!

Choose Your Way to Contribute

Inner Sanctuary Volunteer Alliance
Deposit: $33
Inner Sanctuary Volunteers give 12-15 hours of seva/service to assist in the co-creation of WO-MAN-I-FEST.
Inner Sanctuary Volunteers receive three organic, vegetarian, delicious and lovingly prepared meals by our Kitchen Mama and Culinary Arts Camp, along with life transforming shapeshifting playshops, Music, dance, yoga and more.
This is a boots on the ground Alliance. Come prepared to offer 12-15 hours of service in the spirit of manifesting our collective dreams. There are limited Inner Sanctuary spots available. Reserve quickly

If you would like to join Womanifest as a volunteer please contact us at before completing your registration on Venmo.

Earth Tribal Gathering
Donation: $88 to $111 and 2-4 hours seva/service
Do you have an inner sense that you may have a role to play in reuniting the 12 earth tribes, or that the planet is very much in need of you embracing your talents and superpowers to assist in seeding regena-culture communities across the planet?
The Earth Tribe will be encouraged to come together on the land to build and leave the place better and more beautiful than found. You may also choose to share your seva through music, dance, art, or however you choose. Earth Tribe participants will also receive three organic, vegetarian, delicious and lovingly prepared meals over the weekend.
To register, please click on the venmo link above.

Cosmic Starseed Interloper

Donation: $111 to $333
As a Cosmic Starseed Interloper you already know, or perhaps you are beginning to suspect that you may be a Starseed coming to assist the manifestation of Heaven on Earth. Perhaps you already know, or sense that this festival will powerfully align your life with your highest sense of mission and purpose. Yes, of course…that is our mission as well. You might even feel in your gut that this movement is a game changer for the collective. You know how to trust your divine inspiration, and you know what devotion and commitment look like in 3-D. Three organic meals are included in the ticket fee. Starseed Brothers and Sisters Unite! To register, please click on the venmo link above.

Choose a Theme Camp

If you would like to participate in one of our Co-Creator Theme Camps, simply click the CONTACT link and list your preferred theme camp under ‘Message’.



By sending my registration payment through Venmo: @WoManIFest , I hereby acknowledge taking responsibility for myself and the items and children I may bring.