Wo-Man-I-Festing Your Dreams

Wo-Man-I-Festing Your Dreams!

Do you already have a clear sense of your mission for coming to planet Earth at this time, or are you perhaps wanting to gain greater understanding of your purpose and your potential contributions?

What are your superpowers?

What activities give you a sense of meaning and joy?

What are your highest and most beautiful dreams of contribution for the New Earth? 

These are some questions you may want to consider in coming to Womanifest.

We are here to transmute the old earth history of conflict and competition into cooperation and co-creation. We are here to assist you in making your dreams come true. By loosening the egoic illusion of ownership and separation, and instead being open to share dreams and visions with others, what we are capable of creating in collaboration often transends our individual ideas in ways that are more exquisitly beautiful than we had previously imagined possible.

It is through the arts that we are inspired to envision our collective future. In ancient cultures it was accepted that the art of storytelling, performance, song and visual arts inspired the tribe. The village visionaries and builders then planned how to best bring their collective dreams into manifestation.
At Womanifest we encourage participants to consider choosing a theme camp. Theme camps include the various arts, such as Singer, Songwriter and  Storyteller, Dance and Theatre, Visual Arts and Film, Culinary Arts, along with Visionary and Builder Theme camps. 

We will gather during the EnVision Colab: Womanifesting Your Dreams Playshop to bring everyone together to share our individual and collective hopes, aspirations, dreams and visions.

If you are in the seed stages of coming to better understand your mission on planet Earth, we hope you will be inspired to gain greater clarity in your purpose, and perhaps even meet a potential mentor. If you are in the sapling stage of vision planning, where you have already taken steps to begin your service, you will find encouragement and possibly even collaborators to further develop your dreams. If your vision has become a thriving tree, already well developed and bearing fruit, then you may offer your example of success for others to follow, and find others to contribute and edify your service. 

For most dreamers, visionaries, creators and builders there can be periods of feeling blocked, lacking motivation, and generally feeling lethargic.  Welcome to the human tribe. Learning how to access one’s fire in the belly creates amazing passion. The Embodied Communication playshop and Sound MAGIC playshop will give you direct experience and tools for tapping into your emotions to unleash your highest potential, inspiration and power. We learn to trust and communicate our gut feelings.  We learn to balance intuitive non-linear flow states with left brain planing and organization, balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of our personality. We can then step into a flow state where life becomes a series of syncronicities.

As you gain experience  taking successful small steps towards your dreams you gain greater self confidence, self assurance and self worth. The journey of a thousand light years begins with a single step…into the light!

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