Abundance Prayer Model

Embody Prosperity Model & Prayer Wo-Man-I-Fest

Our production and wealth distribution model is a prayer for our community and all of our abundance. Everyone contributes to the wealth pool (via ticket purchase) because we value each other, see the gift that’s being presented and know the magic and potency of what we are creating together. 

This is a calling forth to believe in your abundance, and believe in our community’s abundance. We all deserve to be valued for our time, energy, and presence, and be seen for all that goes into creating this event and honing our crafts.

Everyone invests into the curation and production of the event – We are all shareholders and split the upfront expenses and responsibility to make it happen (building materials, food, sawdust for compoosters, ect.) By pooling our resources we distribute the burden of the costs to produce the event and make the seemingly impossible, possible. Each contribution is based on how much time and energy an individual is investing into the event. 

Ticket Tiers & Accountability 

Core-Team- $22

-Begins meeting and coordinating 4-6 week prior to event 

-Telegram communication channel 

-Coordination & curation of micro fest with performers, presenters, and volunteers

-Attend most of the week meetups (role specific)

-Marketing support, reaching out for specific roles to be filled 

-Behind the scenes, & space holding at the event 

-Land set up and clean up full days of support

Performers/presenters – $33

-Early communication when event launches 

-Written bio, offering description and photo

-1 meeting to discuss offering

-Arrive to gathering site on time prepared to present/share, bring any necessary equipment and/or discuss with us prior and we will provide what we can

Volunteers/Sevas $44 

-Available to assist for a total of 8-12 hours prior, during, or post fest 

-Volunteer positions include; set up, kitchen support, gate, kids camp, clean up, and more

Patron/Altruist – $88-333

-Enjoy, receive, leave when you want, support the arts


If there are financial constraints or challenges, ASK FOR HELP! We will not turn away anyone for funds, AND, everyone still purchases a ticket to contribute to the event and Wealth Pool. 

There are sponsorship available for Performer & Support Tickets to open opportunities to join the micro-fest if money is a hindrance 

Incentives for spreading the word & selling tickets: 

Production Core/ Performer/support: $5 from every person you invite (max at 20 persons) at the full $88-333 will be returned to you – make sure they say ‘Invited by’ at the time of ticket purchase . This is an opportunity to create more abundance for yourself just by inviting your friends!


Each tier receives % distribution of total wealth pool (Ticket sales) after expenses are taken out 

(percentages are approximate and will differ slightly upon review at the end of the event)

Production Core -55%

Performers – 35%

Flux – 5%

Esplumoir – 5%

These % numbers and person specific payouts can be adjusted by the production core post event to reflect and honor how the gathering actually went 

Ie: if a support human shows up and saves the day we will offer a larger payout, if a production human drops the ball they will not receive the entirety of their distribution. 

We try to at least pay everyone back their original ticket price even if the gathering doesn’t go as planned or things came up that inhibited full level participation – We are understanding and compassionate humans.

We will also take into account if a performer is holding a main pillar of performance and showed high level of participation in the gathering as a whole, or if they appeared once briefly to support a main act 


All decisions are made by and agreed to by the production core as a whole and there is availability for deeper conversations if there are misunderstandings or need for clarifications. 

Everything is open sourced- you can ask any of our core to share our spreadsheet we use to document and if a payout or distribution feels unjust, reach out, we’ll happily hear you and work to find a solution that respects everyone.