Upcoming Womanifest Events:

Thursday, May 11 – Monday, May 15, 2023

70 Old Canoncito Rd. Santa Fe, NM 87508

(Exact location will be sent via email upon reservation)

Gates open at 2:22 pm on Thurs, May 11
~ Opening Ceremony at 5:05pm on Thurs, May 11
~ Closing Ceremony at 10:10 am on Monday, May 15

Previous Womanifest Events:

July 15-18, 2022 @ Bear and Bunny Permaculture Farm, Sasquatch Country, Oregon
Aug 6-8, 2021 @ Hummingbird Nest, Bear Lake, Idaho

Learning to live more beautifully for generations to come


Wo-Man-I-Fest is a collective of teachers, artists, inspired visionaries and entrepreneurs who empower others to step into their highest potential.
Wo-Man-I-Fest is an intentional container to honor, restore, and harmonize the divine feminine (WO) and divine masculine (MAN) apart with the supreme consciousness (I) to co-create and manifest our dreams of a more beautiful world. This gathering is inclusive to all beings, no matter how they identify. You are welcome here!

We support authentic connection, intimacy, inclusivity and love. This is a restorative festival centered around the ancient teaching of womb mysteries, the art of embodying sovereignty within symbiotic relationship, and creative empowerment… all delivered in a playful and interactive way.


Our Mission is to honor all life through service and compassionate co-existence by creating a network of authentically embodied souls in communities to usher in abundance, joy and celebration for all.

We are here to assist to Transmute the old His-story into Heaven on Earth; where all life is honored, and accepted. We connect and collaborate with the spirits of the land and develop symbiotic relations with all life. ( Read more… )

Reserve Your Spot!

Gift: $22
WOMANIFEST Performers & Presenters
Gift: $33
Gift: $44
and 8-12 hours of seva/service

All other tickets – Choose your gift amount:
Gift: $111 ~ $333
(Includes all five days events + 3 organic meals)

Gift: $88 ~ $111
(Includes all five days events + 3 organic meals)

Gift: $44 ~ $111
(Includes one day of events + 1 organic meal)

Salamander Collective Ecstatic Dance
Gift: $15
(Sunday Evening 7-9PM)

Children 17 and Under – 5 Day Pass
Gift: $44 – $111

If you make your gift contribution through PayPal or Venmo,
please share with us your full name, email
and who told you about the event.

*We will email you confirmation, the address, and important details. Check spam if you don’t receive it!

For every friend you invite who joins us for the festivities you will receive $5 back!

To learn more about our Womanifest Abundance Prayer click here.
No one will be turned away for lack of funds,
If you unable to make a gift contribution, please reach out to us through our email.

Wo-Man-I-Fest will be an intimate gathering limited to 100 participants, so please reserve early by making your gift contribution here:

Schedule of Classes and Events

Advisory Notice: Since we are no longer bound to 3-D linear time, we are manifesting in the present moment to allow greater miracles from Spirit to flow through us,…so some of the ceremonies and playshops and are still shapeshifting in the throes of manifesting!

Thursday, May 11

2:22 PMGates Open
5:05 PMOpening Ceremony – Gratitude Blessing & Tree Planting Ceremony with Humanitree
7:07 PMDance Journey – with Chelsee D’na
9:09 PMSound Bath – with Jadin

Friday, May 12

8:08 AMKung Fuwith Leslie and Abram
10:33 AMPermaculture – with Navona
In this class we will be sharing the basics of permaculture and regena-culture practices: from composting and planting, to harvesting, Class will be followed by hands on permaculture activities throughout the weekend.
12:12 AM LunchAn all organic meal will be included in your donation/ticket price prepared by our kitchen crew.
2:02 PMWo-Man-I-Fest Your Dreams ~ Visionary’s Circle
Come and share your ideas, dreams and visions for bringing Heaven to Earth. In this meet-up you are welcome to speak your dreams: weather they’re in the form of a seed (just sprouting), a sapling (you have already sprouted your mission), or a tree (your vision has blossomed and is bearing fruit). Connect with others who wish to collaborate and co-create visions into manifestation.
5:55 PMPotluck Dinner – Bring some organic salad fixings or veggies, or a favorite vegetarian dish or dessert and co-create a Womanifest Feast for your fellow manifestos!
7:07 PMCacao Journey and Open mic with Madalyn and Matt
9;09 PM – Sound Bath – with David Khan

Saturday, May 13

8:08 AM Nudalini Yogini –with Teg & Satya
10:33 AMHerbal Alchemywith Kate & Bianca
12:12 PM Lunch Included in your donation/ticket price prepared by our kitchen crew with organic culinary delight!.
2:22 PM Divine Sacred, Masculine – Feminine Tent
4:04 PM – Conscious Feelings – An Emotional Intelligences Workshop with Padme Om
5:55 PMPotluck DinnerBring some organic salad fixings or veggies, or a favorite vegetarian dish or dessert and co-create a Womanifest Feast for your fellow manifestos!
7:07 PMDance Journeywith CodeStar
9:09 PM – Sound Bath – with Zachariah

Sunday, May 14

8:08 AM – Yogawith Abbey
10:10 AM – All Day: Wo-man-iMarket – Bring, share, trade, and sell your crafts and art.
12:12 PMLunch Included in your donation/ticket price prepared by our kitchen crew with organic culinary delight!
2:02 PM – Spiritual Gathering for CommUnity
4:04 PM Song Writing – with Lucy Barna. Unearthing you own song language, composition style and courage.
5:55 PMPotluck Dinner Bring some organic salad fixings or veggies, or a favorite vegetarian dish or dessert and co-create a Womanifest Feast for your fellow manifestos!
7:07 AMSanta Fe Ecstatic Dance – Salamander Collective

Monday, May 15

8:08 AMTsalagi Movement Meditationwith Cody Codestar
11:11 AM Closing Circle

All Weekend
COYOTE DEN – Kid’s Camp …. more info to come

What to bring

  • Bliss-ware (i.e. cup, spoon, bowl)
  • Some organic veggies, a healthy dessert, or snacks to contribute to the cafe and potluck gathering
  • Musical Instruments, Drums, Arts and Crafts,
  • Tent, Sleeping Bag, and Hiking Shoes
  • Flashlight
  • Organic made with love Snacks
  • Sun hat and non-toxic organic sunscreen 
  • Essential Oils for Insect Repellent (please no perfumes)
  • Items and services for WomaniMarket
  • Personal hygiene items, festie costumes for the hot and the cold (daytime temps avg 72, and night-time temps avg 42)
  • Dogs allowed. Must be on a leash.


  • Consent: If it’s not a fun yes, it’s a funk no!
  • I agree to show up sober and remain sober
  • I agree to leave the place better than I find it; pack it in, pack it out
  • To be my wild authentic self and respect and honor others in their wild authentic selfhood
  • Read more about Agreements we honor at Womanifest ~ See Co-Creator Agreements


Want to save on gas while minimizing pollutants and getting to know each better! A great option is this cool tool called Group Carpool Click to Carpool or the discussion on the Facebook event page. Thank you so much!


If you would like to volunteer, if you have questions about Womanifest, or have land, ideas and inspirations, let us know!


When we all come together with a unified vision and intention, magic happens!

Meet the individuals who are putting their hands, hearts, and souls into the creation and facilitation of this experience.

Joseph Rolley has been leading retreats and assisting people with creating vibrant wellness for over thirty years. He is a co-creator of Womanifest, and is passionate about empowering others to manifest their collective dreams and visions for the New Earth. Joseph is the playwright and producer for RainbowBody Activation Performance, and a co-creator of the Sound M.A.G.I.C. playshop

Willow Bear aka Michaela is one of the visionaries and core organizers of WoManIfest. A yoga teacher, kambo practitioner, and artist of many mediums. She’s passionate about remembering, discovering, and living life as joyfully and harmoniously as possible with all beings and creatures. She loves working with the plants, from cultivating the soil and harvesting the fruits to sharing the abunDance with others.

Mike Clark is one of the core developers of WomanIfest, with a strong sense of drive to bring our message to the whole world. Mike is determined to accomplish what is being called forth in order for the greatest alignments to be present. He is very grateful to be apart of this message and prayer that is being spread all over the world! When not Wo-Man-i-festing his desires, he enjoys travel, hiking, and building structures.

Madalyn Love’s greatest joy is merging the human body with soul level integration, through plants, sound, yoga & sacred sexuality, while expanding inner infrastructure & building  etheric architecture for resonance & powerful co-creation for self, other and thriving commUnities. 
Madalyn was initiated with the sacred plant medicine of the Mayan & Aztec people-Cacao. She has been traveling the world the last 5 years sharing her original songs with Cacao medicine, supporting individuals & commUnities of people in connecting to this plant, the intelligence of their heart, while seeding in visions of multi-generational eco-village culture.

Music & movement have always been Chelsee D’Na’s first language. From a young age, this has been her grounding force, creative expression & healer. After hundreds of hours of dancing at ecstatic dances & performing her community encouraged her to start Djing. Tribal peoples from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, & The Americas have deeply influenced her music choices. Embodying the primal/animal body is what inspires & motivates Chelsee’s Dj sets the most. Her home base is in Oga Po’geh,(Tewa name for Santa Fe)where she has a growing community of artists, activists, land stewards, & lovers of life. 

Padme OM is a Conscious Community Advisor, visionary, and facilitator of men’s work. He was on the core team building of MEOW WOLF (as an artist, builder, manager). He is known for his revolutionary voice for Shadow Work as a path to INTEGRATION through community building. He is a catalyst for community everywhere he goes including the founder of Awaken Earth, owner of Tiny Temples and on the core team of ONE|Boulder in Boulder, Colorado. He’s a master builder, artist, freestyler, alchemist and more.

In David Kuhn’s Sound Healing playshop we will explore how we begin to consciously move into our true nature love. 
Yes, at the center of the heart is a zero point neutrality of a love vibration. This is pure source energy within our body.
What is keeping us humans from our true nature? Genetics, lineage, limiting beliefs, systemic fear, all tell some of the story.
That is all changing and we are waking up! After a short conversation David will share experiential practices we can do together, that include the breath, the voice, and sacred sounds that will transmute and activate a deep remembrance of our true potential, LOVE!

Navona Gallegos will be leading the permaculture playshop and hands on learning experience. She is an ecologist and permaculture designer from Southwest Turtle Island. She works and educates on the intersection of water, biodiversity, food sovereignty, and health: soil. Navona sees building soil as a keystone in stepping into right relation with our ecosystems, accessing more of our innate capacities, and creating a culture

Kate is a WoManifest co-creator. Her work as a medical speech pathologist and personal health journey led to the holistic wellness
realm where she loves practicing energy and body work techniques. She is currently a student of herbalism and medical astrology. Kate is deeply passionate about innerstanding the human condition and combining ancient wisdom and healing modalities to help others tap into the healer within and our ancestors to optimize wellbeing.

Zachariah Grace is a Recording Artist/Sound Healer, and Reiki Master/Teacher from Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is the founder and owner of Online Reiki Academy & Southwest School of Reiki. He has also been practicing Massage Therapy since 2012 and teaches massage therapy. 
Zachariah is a recording artist, sharing his albums Awaken, Walking Home, and his 30 minute EP single, Sacred Waters, and his single Shaman with the world through all major streaming platforms. He does sound healing events with his Reiki infused flute sounds all around the United States, and has become known all around the world for his healing sounds.

The code is to be a star, to shine ever living light so bright, to take flight to new heights, to connect with our true might, loving dark and light, dancing into our greatest sight, to integrate and become aligned, like music mixed in perfect time. Wielding a style that blends organic instrumentation and vocals with deep bassy beats, expansive effects, loops, samples, and turntablism, CodeStar’s sets and productions are inspired by an invigorating Love of Life! He brings a live and unique mix to every occasion, maintaining continuity, while refusing to be stylistically confined. codestarmusic.com

Meet Shaolin Kung-fu masters Abram Tamez and Leslie Phillips of the Chinese Shao-Lin Center in Albequerque, NM.  They will be offering a workshops that introduces traditional Shao-Lin Kung-Fu to harmonize mind, body, and spirit!
This is truly a special treat to get to learn this ancient practice of self healing and self defense from highly trained masters local to the area. 

Lucy Barna is a multi-faceted artist, crafting her story through song, visual art and teaching.  Lucy’s passion lies in the art of songwriting and in sharing herself through her lyrical storytelling.  She also enjoys inspiring and guiding others through the process of song-crafting, including lyric composition, arrangement and various instrumentation, and can be found teaching locally at places like Queen Bee Music Association.  Outside of writing and performing music, Lucy can be found running her contemporary art gallery, Alchemy Studio, in Madrid, designing and fabricating art jewelry for Votive Designs, and spending time with her twin teenage boys.