Previous events:

Friday, July 15 – Monday, July 18, 2022

@ Bear and Bunny Permaculture Farm

Sasquatch Country, Deer Island, Oregon

Aug 6-8, 2021 @ Hummingbird Nest

Bear Lake, Idaho

(Exact location will be sent via email upon reservation)

Gates open at 3:33 pm on Friday, July 15
~ Opening Ceremony at 7:07pm on Friday, July 15
~ Closing Ceremony at 4:44 pm on Monday, July 18

Learning to live more beautifully for generations to come


Wo-Man-I-Fest is a collective of teachers, artists, inspired visionaries and entrepreneurs who empower others to step into their highest potential.
Wo-Man-I-Fest is an intentional container to honor, restore, and harmonize the divine feminine (WO) and divine masculine (MAN) apart with the supreme consciousness (I) to co-create and manifest our
dreams of a more beautiful world. All humans are welcome; women, men and children.

We support authentic connection, intimacy, inclusivity and love. This is a restorative festival centered around the ancient teaching of womb mysteries, the art of embodying sovereignty within symbiotic relationship, and creative empowerment… all delivered in a playful and interactive way.


Our Mission is to honor all life through service and compassionate co-existence by creating a network of authentically embodied souls in communities to usher in abundance, joy and celebration for all.

We are here to assist to Transmute the old His-story into Heaven on Earth; where all life is honored, and accepted. We connect and collaborate with the spirits of the land and develop symbiotic relations with all life. ( Read more… )

Reserve Your Spot!

Inner Sanctuary Volunteer Alliance
Donation: $33 and 12-15 hours of seva/service

Earth Tribal Gathering
Donation: $88-$111 and 2-4 hours of seva-service

Cosmic Starseed Interloper
Donation: $111-$333

Wo-man-i-fest at Bear and Bunny Permaculture Farm will be an intimate gathering limited to 50 participants, so please reserve early by making a donation here:

Schedule of Classes and Events

Advisory Notice: Since we are no longer bound to 3-D linear time, we are manifesting in the present moment to allow greater miracles from Spirit to flow through us,…so some of the ceremonies and playshops and are still shapeshifting in the throes of manifesting!

Friday, July 15

3:33 PM – Gates Open
7:07 PM – Opening Ceremony – Gratitude blessing and ceremony with Humanitree
9:09 PM – Dance Journey – DJ TK Sirmize
11:11 PM – Sound Bath

Saturday, July 16

7:07 AM – Morning Sunrise Yoga – with Willow
8:08 AM – Art Sound Bath
9:33 AM – Embodied Communication – with Joseph. Find What You Value. Live Your Truth. Learn the art of communication with self and others, which is key to collectively manifesting Heaven on Earth.
11:11 AM – Brunch – An all organic morning meal will be included in your donation/ticket price prepared by our kitchen crew with organic oatmeal, fruits and more.
12:12 PM – Choose your Activity:
(The following activities will continue throughout the gathering)
A.) Mural Painting on the Barnwith Addi
If you are a visual person then come and share your dreams and visions for bringing Heaven to Earth and put your visual creation into our collective mural!
B.) Building the Pizza Oven
If you love to build, or would like to learn some basic natural building techniques, then come assist us in building the pizza oven!
C.) Gather with your new Theme Camp homies to co-create for our evening open mic!
4:44 PM – Sound MAGIC Playshop – with Josha
In this Shapeshifting Playshop you will learn how to quickly and safety release any physical, mental and emotional blocks that keep you from reaching your full potential to bring your dreams into Manifestion
5:55 PM – Potluck Dinner – Bring some organic salad fixings or veggies, or a favorite vegetarian dish or dessert and co-create a Womanifest Feast for your fellow manifestos!
8:08 PM – Dance Journey with DJ TK Sirmize
10:10 PM – Open Mic – with Rainbow as MC – Allow the Inspiration from your day flow through you. All forms of creative expression encouraged. Please bring you acoustical guitars, musical instruments, your voice, dance/art/storytelling, and/or other such superpowers

Sunday, July 17

7:07 AM – Morning Sunrise Yoga
8:08 AM – Morning Mantra – with Rainbow and friends
9:09 AM – Spiritual gathering for CommUnity
11:11 AM – Soundbath – Tarek
12:12 PM – Lunch – Included in your donation/ticket price prepared by our kitchen crew with organic culinary delight!.
1:11 PM – Men’s Meet-up – Understanding Destiny
3:33 PM – Wo-Man-I-Fest Your Dreams ~ Visionary’s Circle
Come and share your ideas, dreams and visions for bringing Heaven to Earth. In this meet-up you are welcome to speak your dreams: weather they’re in the form of a seed (just sprouting), a sapling (you have already sprouted your mission), or a tree (your vision has blossomed and is bearing fruit)! Connect with others who wish to collaborate and co-create visions into manifestation
5:55 PM – Potluck Dinner – Bring some organic salad fixings or veggies, or a favorite vegetarian dish or dessert and co-create a Womanifest Feast for your fellow manifestos!
7:07 PM – Open Mic – Allow the Inspiration from your day flow through you. All forms of creative expression encouraged. Please bring your acoustical guitars, musical instruments, your voice, dance/art/storytelling, and/or another such superpowers
9:09 PM – Sauna prayer

Monday, July 18

7:07 AM – Morning Sunrise Yoga – with Willow
8:08 AM – Sound Art Bath
9:09 AM – I-mpower – with Willow and Mike
10:10 AM – All Day WomaniMarket – Bring, share, trade, and sell your crafts and art
11:11 AM – Qigong
12:12 PM – Pizza Party – Bring some organic salad fixings or veggies and co-create a Womanifest Pizza Oven Feast for your fellow manifestos!
1:11 PM – Permaculture Playshop and Blueberry Bush Planting
4:44 PM – Closing Circle

All Weekend *
MOON LODGE “Fairy Den” – Woman’s Lodge
SUN LODGE “Tipi” – Men’s Lodge
COYOTE DEN – Kid’s Camp …. more info to come

*All Weekend – Additional Moon Lodge, Sun Lodge and Playshops and Events TBA

What to bring

  • Bliss-ware (i.e. cup, spoon, bowl)
  • Some organic veggies, a healthy dessert, or snacks to contribute to the cafe and potluck gathering
  • Musical Instruments, Drums, Arts and Crafts,
  • Tent, Sleeping Bag, and Hiking Shoes
  • Flashlight
  • Organic made with love Snacks
  • Sun hat and non-toxic organic sunscreen 
  • Essential Oils for Insect Repellent (please no perfumes)
  • Items and services for WomaniMarket
  • Personal hygiene items, festie costumes for the hot and the cold (daytime temps avg 85, and night-time temps avg 55)
  • No pets


  • Consent: If it’s not a fun yes, it’s a funk no!
  • I agree to show up sober and remain sober
  • I agree to leave the place better than I find it; pack it in, pack it out
  • To be my wild authentic self and respect and honor others in their wild authentic selfhood
  • Read more about Agreements we honor at Womanifest ~ See Co-Creator Agreements


Let’s save on gas while minimizing pollutants and getting to know each better! Also, only 20 parking spots available on property. A couple of options are this cool tool called Group CarPool and the discussion on the Facebook event page. Thank you so much!


If you would like to volunteer, if you have questions about Womanifest, or have land, ideas and inspirations, let us know!


When we all come together with a unified vision and intention, magic happens!

Meet the individuals who are putting their hands, hearts, and souls into the creation and facilitation of this experience.

Joseph Rolley has been leading retreats and assisting people with creating vibrant wellness for over thirty years. He is a co-creator of Womanifest, and is passionate about empowering others to manifest their collective dreams and visions for the New Earth. Joseph is the playwright and producer for RainbowBody Activation Performance, and a co-creator of the Sound M.A.G.I.C. playshop

Willow Bear aka Michaela is one of the visionaries and core organizers of WoManIfest. A yoga teacher, kambo practitioner, and artist of many mediums. She’s passionate about remembering, discovering, and living life as joyfully and harmoniously as possible with all beings and creatures. She loves working with the plants, from cultivating the soil and harvesting the fruits to sharing the abunDance with others.

Mike Clark is one of the three core developers of WomanIfest, with a strong sense of drive to bring our message to the whole world. Mike is doer, while also knowing how to balance work and play. When not Wo-Man-i-festing his desires, he enjoys travel, hiking, and building structures.

Tarek has been sharing sound baths for the last 8 years. Playing music for nearly 20 years was vital in his healing. It’s the deepest labor of love to share medicine music that transformed his life in the most profound ways.

The experience is a journey through many instruments from all over the world, times and cultures. Lay back and relax. The music can provide deep reflection, healing and inspiration, dreamlike or shamanic states and visions. Return to your center and the music will never end!

Hi! I’m Rainbow White and I’m super excited about the Wo-Man-I-Fest! I’ll be helping out in a few ways. First, assisting Nathan with the cob oven rebuild so that we can have a pizza party for lunch on Monday. Second, acting as MC at the Open Mic on Saturday night by breaking the ice with my mini-rock-opera “Becoming Rainbow, A True Story” and helping others share their talents and stories. And Third, sharing healing mantra music with my harmonium and voice Sunday morning. Can’t wait to meet you!

Hello beautiful Souls. I am Nathan Little Bear, owner and operator of Bear and Bunny Permaculture Farm, this beautiful little wolf dog farm that my wife (Bunny) and I manifested three years ago.
I believe in living our dreams & inspiring you to live yours; Manifesting Heaven on Earth.
Knowing that we are all connected to this planet, connected with every breath, and to move with nature with gentleness, to be present with every breath.
Remembering, we’re all in this together.
Let’s get into some fun this Womanifest weekend!